The joy of gifting sans the hassles !

E-gifts- The joy of gifting sans the hassles!

Everyone loves to receive gifts, because a gift is a reminder that the person really cares about you. But as pleasurable as it is to receive gifts, purchasing gifts is not just as easy. Not only do you have to spend time racking your brains about what the person would like and appreciate, whether it should be a memento or just something of utility, whether or not it is personal enough, the list of worries can indeed be endless! And then of course there is treading with trepidation because even after having put in a lot of effort to purchase a physical gift, and may think that it is the best gift ever, heart of hearts, you are not really sure whether the receiver will really like it, or find it absolutely useless!

Don’t you wish there was some easier way to say that you care without all these hassles involved in physical gifting? In this tech savvy world, there indeed is an improved solution of gifting that can eliminate all the above mentioned hassles in a jiffy! Thanks to e-gifting, all you have to do is select a gift voucher of your chosen denomination and pay for it online on the e-gifting portal. All you have to do then is send across this voucher to the mobile or the email inbox of the person you love she gets it in an instant. What’s more it definitely makes her happier as instead of being stuck with a gift that she already has or does not like too much she is free to choose what she likes with the e-gift of her choice.

Young Indians who are far more technology savvy than the previous generation likes things that are personalized and tailor-made and why should gifting be any different? Thus e-gifts work like a charm for these savvy youngsters who are choosing the trend of e-gifts over physical gifts for any occasion. Not only is it extremely convenient to “shop” for e-gifts for their loved ones, they also go the extra mile to say that they really care by giving them the choice to pick their own gifts.

Take for instance 23-year-old Rashesh Raval whose sister got married in mid-2015 With many relatives who came over with many duplications of saris and other household stuff that his modern sister Nikita did not quite appreciate, Rashesh thought of gifting his sister and new brother in law something completely different as a wedding gift. A day after she left for a new home, Nikita received a text message on her mobile saying that she had been gifted a couple’s luxury camping experience for 2 days and one night in the wilderness from What’s more she could redeem this voucher was valid for a whole year and she could pick any date to plan a romantic getaway with her husband. Needless to say Nikita was over the moon and thanked Rashesh profusely and her husband was suitably impressed as well!


There are many e-gift aggregators that are doing brisk business in India today. is one such portal that offers gift vouchers across several categories such as apparels, restaurants, departmental stores and offer multiple payment options. A customer can choose e-gifts according to occasions such as weddings, anniversary, birthdays, birth of a new child in the family or just like that. Gifts can also be chosen according to activities and experience and can be customized according to the tastes and likes of the receiver.

In a unique initiative, also offers the option of a “gift box” that can be customized with e-gifts across various categories to suit the wishes of the giver and the tastes of the receiver. In other words, it is a virtual version of making a physical gift hamper, only that it is much more convenient and saves you the trouble of doing the rounds of departmental stores to pick up the gifts of your choice! So, if you have not picked up a gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and are at your wits end thinking what would be the perfect gift for her, choose an e-gift instead of a physical gift and see the difference for yourself!


Happy Gifting !!